The big dig.


On Saturday, instead of sleeping off a hangover, early birds Raph and I set about preparing the official Salad Club allotment patch – a job we’ve been putting off for far too long. Accompanied by Adam and Joe on the radio and armed with tools borrowed from our lovely neighbours, we dug and dug and dug until there was no more left to dig. Raph swung an intimidating pick axe at a big gnarly weed tree, I pulled up hundreds of unfriendly thistles and Rufus sat watching from the shade, unamused. After 4 hours of sweaty work we managed to clear a patch big enough for two raised beds, each about the size of a single bed – a shallow bed for rocket, spinach and other leaves and a deeper one for big roots and shoots. We’re new at this and it’s all very exciting. Visit the OUR PATCH page for more photos and allotment updates.

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1 Response to The big dig.

  1. Hayley says:

    Amazing!! Get you, Adam and Joe are the one for a bit of gardening!

    Good luck ladies, what an awesome idea!


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