Tuna two ways


I adore and regularly crave raw fish but recently I’ve been getting a bit bored of sliced sashimi with wasabi, ginger and soy – I wanted something with even more oomph and last week Raph came to the rescue. He made amazing tuna tartar – diced tuna mixed with lemon and lime zest, the juice of one lime, grated ginger (a thumb-sized lump), a handful of finely chopped chives and parsley, a finely sliced fresh red chilli and plenty of seasoning (you can use soy sauce instead of salt if you like). Push the mixture into a small bowl with the back of a spoon and then turn it out on a plate. We served the tartar with steamed mini leeks and tomato and basil salad – the combination of spicy raw tuna with rich juicy tomatoes is fantastic – a healthy, delicious and impressive supper.

We had a big tuna steak left over so I rustled up my version of a nicoise salad for lunch the next day. Fry the tuna steak in a drop of soy sauce (no oil) for a few minutes each side (I like to leave it raw in the middle but you can cook it through if you prefer) then leave to cool. Put 1 organic egg per person in a pan and cover with boiling water then place a steamer/colander full of asparagus on top and cover – the eggs and asparagus will all take 5 minutes – just enough time to fill a salad bowl with mixed leaves and mix up some olive oil, lemon juice, dijon mustard and cider vinegar for the dressing. Run the eggs under cold water, peel and set aside. Dress and toss the salad and serve onto plates, slice the tuna steak and arrange on top of the leaves, pile on the asparagus and finally the egg. I like to split the egg gently so the yolk runs out over the salad  – this gives everything extra richness and flavour. If you want some crunch, but don’t want greasy white bread croutons, get a couple of crispbreads (Dr Karg’s emmental and pumpkin seed crispbreads are amazing), break them up in your hands and scatter over the salad – this adds a delicious, healthly crunch. I heart tuna.


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