All the way from America…


Not that it’s far these days, what with the expedience of electronic-mail. This one’s courtesy of a dear friend in NYC who used to live on sliced bread and quartered apples and has since enlarged her culinary repertoire to include some of the below funky ingredients. Lucinda, hats off to you and the Big Apple. Please keep them coming.

I’ve had to take a little creative licence as she’s provided me, rather sparsely, with a list of ingredients.

Half an artichoke
A few kumquats (pickled and chopped in halves)*
Fava beans
Halloumi cheese
Fresh mint
Lemon oil

Arrange 3 or 4 slices of halloumi for the grill, squeezing a little lemon juice and crushing some black pepper over them. Place under the grill for a few minutes until bubbling slightly and golden edged. Meanwhile, put a handful of fava, cannelini or broad beans into boiling, salted water for a few minutes until the skins come away. Drain and refresh them under a cold tap, popping off any loose skins if you don’t want them and adding the beans to a small bowl. Toss them well with fresh cut mint leaves and a generous glug of lemon oil (or lemon juice and olive oil, depending on what you have.) Roughly tear your prepared artichoke (pickled, grilled or roasted) onto a plate and add a few nuggets of the prepared kumquats / mango / pomegranate. Add the dressed beans and finish with halloumi.

*If you can find them in an Asian market over here. If not, I think just-ripe slivers of Mango or beads of pomegranate will replace the sweet, tart flavours well.


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  1. Natasha says:

    Inspired by food stories from afar I wish to share a recipie I have assembled, experimented with and developed having leaned at a tapas bar in Granada. Speaking no Spanish, and having ordered a Rioja, I was astonished when the barmans garbled Andalucian resulted in the flourish and presentation of a perfect mussel filled with diced tomato and onion accompanied with a red cabbage side which reached the dizzying heights of perfection – high praise from one born suspicious of vegetables. Here is el recipie.

    1/2 Red Cabbage
    Juice of 1 Lemon
    Dash of Red Wine
    3 cloves Garlic
    1 Red Onion
    Brown Sugar
    Knob of butter
    Olive Oil
    Vegetable Stock
    Balsamic vingear
    Salt n Peppa

    Simmer the chopped garlic and onion in olive oil and butter – the olive oil will prevent the butter from burning. Sprinkle a small amount of brown sugar on the mix to caramelise the onions. Once they have turned transparent and sticky add the red cabbage, glug of red wine, balsamic vinegar, cinammon, lemon juice and dash of vegetable stock – only use buillon, anything else is a waste of money. Stir. Allow to simmer for 40 mintues. The mixture will become a sticky morasses of red cabbage, sweetened by the sugar, cinammon and wine, and sharpened by the vinegar and lemon. Serve hot, or cold, or eat a few days later when the flavours have all infused. Enjoy.

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