Blooming Marvellous


The title. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.

I’m just suddenly quite happy about having stolen some baby spiders from the sprouts my neighbours show off on the floor above me to find that they’re shooting white, beanstalky stalks from under the water in the jam jars on my windowsill. It must be the Caribbean Brixton sun we’re having. It’s inspired me to grow some basil and tomatoes, anything that’ll fit on my sill.  I’ve also been given a large sage plant and a smaller thyme so I think it might just be time to present the ‘indoor, what to do if you haven’t a garden’ Salad Club. More details and updates to follow.

PS: If you can get your hands on your neighbours’ massively out of fashion sprouting spiders, gently tweak the collected, spidery fronds from beneath the point at which they collect (they should come away quite naturally) and place them in a jar or tall necked glass of water for 2-3 weeks until the beanstalky shoots provide them with some roots for planting in soil. It’s said that spider plants reduce house and office air polygens (?) by about 30% so good news for allergy sufferers. I’m looking to make the office into a jungle.


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1 Response to Blooming Marvellous

  1. Black Dog says:

    Apologies for the shameless plug but this book tells you how to grow veg if you don’t have a garden…

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