Salad Club Secret Supper

It really couldn’t have gone better. The sun shone, the tables were luminous with white linen, silverware, night lights and jam jars of cow parsley.

Ellie in our restaurant

The restaurant

We started our day with an 8am cheese tasting at the local Portuguese deli*, where we chose a Provolone Picante, Queso da Serra and a tangy Roquefort to close our meal of Thai Pollock fish cakes, a trio of salads (bulgar with spring greens, roasted butternut squash with its seeds, smoked pancetta and rocket, and a beetroot with goats’ cheese, chorizo and mint) and white chocolate and cardamon mousse. The cheese was served with our home made mango and ginger chutney and tomato chilli jam.

The cheese course

The cheese course

By 10am, we were buying antique and retro crockery from a local seller, and loading our van in the gloroius Brixton sunshine. The rest of the day we ran a slick operation, transforming my sitting room into an inviting, nearly-French rustic restaurant with the windows wide open and Brixton market wafting its way up through them. Plates were laid and loaded, and each and every one returned empty, some licked clean even. As it darkened, our guests lit their own night lights and were poured larger G&Ts by our waitresses for the night, Natasha and Kat, who made a sterling effort to work the floor and play front of house. Tables talked amongst themselves and across the room. Two delightful guests brought us a very fine bottle of Pinot Noir.

Happy diners

Happy diners

After they left, we sat back down in our empty restaurant and surveyed the scene. It held a fingerprint of our triumph – we had succeeded in entertaining, surprising, feeding, rewarding and delighting our guests while loving the whole thing ourselves and not once raising the stress to anything more than an occasional ping. For a more objective view, read the lovely Mei Li’s Family Styles review, whose enthusiasm and charm throughout the evening was a very warming encouragement for us.

*Continental Deli, 3 Atlantic Road, Brixton, London SW9 8HX. Tel: 0207 733 3766.

Meanwhile, Horton’s secret restaurant was aired on Saturday night’s Channel 4 news, giving us all a good leg up. Congratulations, Horton!


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9 Responses to Salad Club Secret Supper

  1. saladclub says:

    Left my camera and my brain at home today. Photos to follow soon…
    It really was a wonderful night.

  2. LinziMG says:

    This looks fantastic, well done. Am excited to see these events springing up in London

    • saladclub says:

      Great to hear, thank you. Do keep an eye on our facebook and twitter updates to grab a place at the next announced date. Places go fast! Ellie

      • Hey chaps!

        This sounds awesome and both Kirsty and I are very much interested in enjoying the next round of scrumptious delights in a unique environment of spontaneous and outgoing individuals.

        Please do let us know when this is.

        K and C

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  4. Sophie says:

    This looks like such a great evening. Fantastic idea doing the washing up in the bath! I’d love to attend your next night.

  5. saladclub says:

    Sophie – why not drop us an email at and we’ll see how the guest list is looking? It’s pretty full already so you’ll need to be quick. Ellie

  6. Ed says:

    This is such a great idea. We’d love to have you listing these events on – it’s the perfect place for you to advertise, write about your events and take bookings online. Watch this space! I also think I might surprise my partner with a visit!

  7. nancy says:

    Hi – I’m really hoping you might be able to help me! I’m looking for people who’ve been inspired by your Salad Club who live in the East Midlands – Nottingham, Leicester and Derby to interview about setting up their own versions. If you can help or point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

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