Amazing teryaki ribeye & sunflower stir fry

Yet another killer supper from Raph last night after yet another long day. Some may call this a stir fry but there were no noodles nor rice so I think it passes as a man salad. A selection of crisp vegetables, water chestnuts and sunflower seeds were marinated in ‘the holy trinity’ (spring onions, ginger and garlic blended to a paste) and a couple of juicy rib eye steaks were doused in teryaki.


The vegetables were briefly shaken around our hot, well aged wok with some sesame oil while the steaks were fried (for about 3 minutes each side) in a griddle pan. When cooking steak, always make sure the meat is at room temperature and you preheat the frying pan until it’s too hot to wave a hand over. That way you get a delicious rare steak, perfectly charred on the outside and warmed through. Throw a generous pinch of salt on the steaks after they have been sealed in the pan, not before, that way the juices aren’t sucked out of the meat before you cook it. Once the smoke had filled the kitchen and we were all coughing, the steak was put on a board to rest while the veggies were plated up.  The steak was then roughly sliced and piled on top, not forgetting the delicious teryaki meat juices left behind on the board which were drizzled over the top.



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