Saturday’s child

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So, there we have it. Salad Club secret suppers really are taking off, and with it run our ideas. The more we do it, the more we think about it. The more we feed, the more we want. This is utterly exhilarating! There’s been a definite – and rather amusing – shift in people’s search terms for us, too. I take this to mean that people once, blindly and unintentionally, stumbled across us in their search for ‘Jewish chin’ or ‘antique meat posters’. Now, however, our stats show that they are coming directly to us, and while they will find an image of beef cuts somewhere in the archive of our blog, I’m still really not sure what the Jewish chin thing is all about. It’s a nice little mystery, however, and even more exciting to think that those search terms have turned into ‘salad club brixton’ and ‘ellie grace and rosie french, brixton salads’.

We really enjoyed Saturday’s supper and need to find a way of adding more dates to satisfy the demands of waiting lists running into October. Help with a new premises, anyone? We want to expand and start feeding more people, simple as that.

Our menu for the evening went something like this:

Beetroot soup with sour cream and dill. Fresh, local sourdough bread.

Warm fennel, olive and feta salad with pine nuts and capers

Spiced shoulder of Smithfield lamb with tabbouleh and minted yoghurt

2 sorbets: Mango & rosewater / Raspberry & cassis


And was followed by a little bluesy singing from the Rooftops, who are a pretty sexy female harmonic quartet, let’s be honest. We had a Times food journalist in our midst on Saturday – click here to read his lovely review of the evening and look out for Grazia’s 2-page feature in August. Yes, we’re running…

Ellie & Rosie

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