We’re back!


We’re back from our jaunts abroad with notebooks full of recipes and ideas ready to share with you. Do watch this space.

We are also donning dark sunglasses on account of our faces gracing the pages of this week’s Grazia. No need to buy your own copy:


In other news… We look forward to hosting a special Carnival warm-up secret supper this Saturday and we’re quietly proud of the menu which emulates and tweaks some of the punchy Caribbean flavours we’ve enjoyed in Brixton. Our private suppers are taking off and we’re welcoming bookings for the festive period where we can bring the Salad Club experience to your home — serving up a hearty and flavorsome Christmas feast with neither sprout nor turkey in sight.  Finally, the hunt is on for somewhere to call Salad Club HQ so if you know anyone with desk space for 2 and a modest kitchen where we could try out new recipes – please do get in touch.

We’ve loved the summer but bring on the Autumn!

Rosie & Ellie

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