An extra hour for sausages

After a busy secret supper on Saturday and a late night’s prep on Friday, Sunday morning called for a sit down and some sausages before heading to Ellie’s for the big clean. I was reminded of the clocks going back by the sombre Radio 4 news beeps pronouncing the ungodly hour of 8am! Once over the initial shock, I embraced the stolen hour and set about making the perfect sausage sandwich…


Roughly slice a red onion and throw into a hot pan with a glug of olive oil. Add the sausages and leave everything to cook gently on a medium heat. As Nigel Slater insists, never rush a sausage. If you have any tomatoes lying around slice up the big ones and throw them in or add cherry tomatoes whole with a few sprigs of thyme. Have a cup of tea and read the papers for about 20-30 minutes while everything softens and sweetens.


Put some pita bread in the toaster. I always get Holy Land pita at Nour cash and carry on Electric Avenue (4 bags for £1) and you can get it in most Middle Eastern shops and some delis. It’s so much tastier and cheaper than the thick, starchy pitas you get in supermarkets – stock up your freezer.


Finally, open the pita with care (a toasted bread pouch full of air can be hotter than the sun) and stuff the sausages, tomatoes, onions and pan juices inside. Serve with tomato chilli jam and a pot of tea while you finish the papers. The ideal way to spend that extra hour.


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4 Responses to An extra hour for sausages

  1. James says:

    sounds a perfect sunday morning!!!!

  2. Helen says:

    Gorgeous! Just shows what delights a stolen hour can bring.

  3. saladclub says:

    It was a fine stolen hour!

  4. Helen T says:

    That’s one fine sounding sausage sandwich. Although I have to admit I can enjoy a guilty sausage sandwich of good quality sausage meets cheap white bread and HP sauce. Best taken when hungover I find!

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