New adventures in Shoreditch and a special Brixton Sunday

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Apologies for the lack of recent posts. We return after a much needed Christmas hiatus with lots of big news. Ellie has moved into her beautiful new flat, Rosie is engaged and expecting a baby in June, plans for a Salad Club cookbook are storming ahead and the 2010 secret supper diary will soon be announced. 2009 was a big one and it looks like 2010 could be even bigger!

December was an exciting month for Salad Club. We packed up our crockery boxes, folded up our tables and chairs, and hit the road to embark upon a new chapter of secret suppers, taking place in some eclectic new locations across London. First stop Shoreditch, and the beautiful home of our talented friends Justine Bell and Greg Keegan of BEET fame. Surrounded by Bell & Keegan’s bespoke furniture and bathed in the light of their bare filament hanging bulbs, 26 of our loyal followers were treated to a 4 course Italian feast, with second helpings all round. Plates were licked clean, much wine was quaffed and Christmas was well and truly underway – Salad Club style.

The following Sunday, we took over the kitchen at The No.1 Village Bakeries, in the shelter of Brixton’s covered market, for our last meal of the year – a long and lazy Sunday lunch for 30. We opened up the shop, tied up our aprons, turned up the reggae and delighted in having our own cafe for the day. As usual, our guests were charming and cheerful – some started the afternoon as strangers and ended up as friends, swapping numbers and sharing cigarettes well into the evening. The atmosphere was wonderful and we enjoyed every, calm minute – even when the sink overflowed at our feet!

Salad Club's Lazy Sunday at No.1 Village Bakeries

Our stomachs are definitely larger than last time we spoke so we’re hoping to post some recipes that will fill the cave-like proportions of your greed until it eases slowly into Spring (which we realise is still some way off). We’ve been baking, roasting and mulling for some weeks now so be sure to keep an eye on the blog for recipes to warm your bones and fend off this cold snap. All that’s left to say is that we’re now semi-mobile and always on the look-out for new locations, kitchens and dens to cook in, so please do drop us a line if you know of anywhere you think we could do well in. Whether it’s your home kitchen, a friend’s warehouse or a colleague’s studio space, email us and we’ll get chatting – we’d love your help! Here’s to a storming 2010 for one and all.

Rosie & Ellie

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1 Response to New adventures in Shoreditch and a special Brixton Sunday

  1. lisa says:

    your blog is making me so hungry! if only I lived closer…

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