I’m so sorry it’s been such a horrendously long time since either of us posted anything up here. There are reasons, which I hope you will understand. The amazing Rosie has a legitimate excuse, having given birth just a few days ago to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Everyone is, quite naturally, delighted and awed by the arrival of this tiny little bundle of goodness. He is a wonder to behold and makes a great addition to the Salad Club troupe. Welcome Alfred Elvis Chesterman! What a dude! And I, meanwhile, between knocking up meals for the new mother and father, have handed in my notice in my art world desk job and have made plans to spend the summer working in and learning more from food. Hoorah! The wind of change is blowing here at Salad Club HQ and while it may mean we don’t have any new recipes to give you, we do have exciting news and the promise of a whole lot of change when things pick up again. We look forward to hosting more suppers, plotting more collaborations and beefing up several other ideas in the pipeline. Just bear with us and do get in touch should you know of anyone looking for an extra pair of hands on their market stall / deli / shop front or on the festival food circuit either over the summer or beyond. I am a free agent and I want to get my hands dirty! All ideas gratefully received.

Be back soon,


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4 Responses to Apologies

  1. look forward to whats coming next – got this going on next saturday if your interested, or even want to help out ?


  2. Harriet Miller says:

    Hoorah! Life sounds good girls, congrats. Harriet x

  3. Clare says:

    hi ellie – congrats to the extended salad club crew! have been meaning to come along for ages so can’t wait for the next chapter…

    on the food front, a friend of mine started up an *amazing* festival and even catering outfit called healthy yummies: http://www.healthyyummies.com/

    they’re doing really well – nic’s run off her feet! she’s super nice – let me know if you want me to put you in touch for a summer of festivals and food!

  4. Ellie&Rosie! What a wonderful blog for foodies! Love from Cape Town, Antonia

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