A rare idea

This is just a slip of a blog post, but one that makes no apologies for being so. I could eek out a few paragraphs on this eye-opening dish but I’d rather let its simplicity speak instead. There is nothing too much to say about very simple but very clever pairings of basic foodstuffs. Here, of course, quality is everything, so make sure you use the best extra virgin olive oil your money can buy you, and see if you can avoid buying oranges at your local newsagents (I’m not sure who does do that), and at least pop down to the local supermarket to pick up a couple. Thrifty, effortless and mightily impressive, I feel like I’m on summer holidays all over again.

I rather like eating this with my hands and mopping the discs of orange all over the plate to pick up the sweet and grassy juices. If you’re the same, score and peel away the skins of two oranges, taking as much of the pith with you as possible. If you’re leaving the skins on, no problem – this just makes for a little unpeeling when you eat, and much neater circles on the plate. Lay each orange sideways on its belly and using a sharp bread or carving knife, slice them horizontally into about 5 pieces. Arrange on a beautiful plate, drizzle with a great quality, green, grassy olive oil (Northern Spanish and Greek are my favourites) and a sprinkling of dark brown sugar. Serve immediately and top up with more sugar when it melts into the olive oil.


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2 Responses to A rare idea

  1. Ron says:

    Hmm… Not sure how I feel about sweet olive oil. I do like oranges, olives and oil, though.

  2. Hanna says:

    Yum! Simplicity at its best.

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