We are 2!

Would you believe it? Our little blog is two years old today! We’re amazed by how much our lives have changed since that first post in 2009 and, two gins down at the Hootenanny last night, we began to feel very nostalgic about our journey so far, and bubbling with anticipation of what’s to come.

Before ending up in a pub garden getting emotional and over excited, we were making delicious Salad Club canapés for 120 at Gallery Soho. We like to keep things simple and let quality ingredients speak for themselves on this kind of occasion. Last night’s menu of rare roast beef fillet on sourdough, mackerel paté on crispbreads and warm roasted beets with horseradish crème fraîche and dill vinaigrette went down a treat.

Good to see our loyalty to the beautiful purple root hasn’t faltered since that very first post. Today’s quick recipe, though, has to be the beef–our lovely waitresses fought hard to get plates of these past the predatory hoards circling outside the kitchen door! This beef is seriously rare which is how we like it, especially with fillet, but feel free to give it 10-20 minutes in a hot oven after searing if you’d prefer. You could also use topside as a cheaper alternative.

For 20-25 canapés
500g beef fillet
Quality extra virgin olive oil
Handful thyme leaves
to serve:
1 sourdough baguette (or half a loaf), sliced
Dijon mustard

Rub the fillet all over with the oil, thyme leaves, salt and pepper. Get a frying pan hot then sear the fillet on all sides until well browned. Allow to cool then slice as thinly as possible with your sharpest knife, or better still a meat slicer if you happen to have the use of one! Drizzle the sourdough slices with olive oil, top with a slice of beef, a sprig of watercress and a drop of dijon.

So it’s bon anniversaire Salad Club and now bon voyage as Ellie and friends whisk me off to a mystery location for a weekend with my hens. Wish me luck.


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2 Responses to We are 2!

  1. Salty says:

    Congratulation – love your blog and looking fwd to the book. Thanks for linking to my little blog, too. x

  2. Yummy looking canapes! Happy Birthday!

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