Hot Chorizo

There’s nothing we love more than a hunk of hot chorizo.Vegetarians aside, who can resist the punchy scent of paprika and garlic smoking in the air and the tantalising ooze of bright, rusty-red oil in the pan? Chorizo features consistently in our cooking because it’s such an easy treat – added to soups and stews in the winter, then scattered over salads for the remainder of the year, it’s so versatile that it’s a welcome addition to many a simple table. The fact that it appears month after month in our kitchens (see our forthcoming book, out next spring!) means we’re a pair of jolly loyal customers to Spain’s most famous sausage. And that’s exactly why we decided to showcase it this summer on our new street food stall–its colour, vibrancy and all-round popularity is the perfect match to a hearty homemade hummus and secret Salad Club slaw.

Introducing hot chorizo wraps with butter bean and rosemary hummus, Salad Club slaw and spicy herb gremolata! Our first outing with these beautifully juicy, colourful flatbreads was at Sunday’s West Norwood Feast, where the crowds braved the threat from dark grey skies and even continued to turn up and queue through the rain. There’s nothing like a sizzling paella pan of hot chorizo to pull in the punters, clearly! And if the photos are scintillating your taste buds, you can find us through the summer here:

*This Friday 10th June, Zoo Lates, London Zoo
*Sunday 7th August, West Norwood Feast
*Friday 9th – Monday 12th September, Alex James Presents Harvest at Jimmy’s,  Oxfordshire
*Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th September, Abergavenny Food Festival, Monmouthshire

Plus, we’ve started to take bookings of the stall at parties and weddings–get in touch if you want to jump on the bandwagon. And for the vegetarians amongst you, we’re working on getting together some more equipment to be able to serve a paprika-spiced halloumi version of the wrap–watch this space.


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1 Response to Hot Chorizo

  1. Suzanne says:

    yum…the chorizo wrap looks so tasty!

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