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Woodcock on toast

Every now and then I feel like getting my hands bloody and cooking a meal totally from scratch, including all the gruesome stuff you would usually leave to your butcher. It seems only fair, as a carnivore, to go through … Continue reading

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Brunch for two

My late Friday night plans to make a late Saturday morning brunch were rudely disrupted when upstairs’ builders started work at 8 this morning. I’d intended to go to bed late, wake late, lie in late and cook late. After … Continue reading

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Return of the scotch egg

It turns out scotch eggs are nothing at all to do with the Scots. There I was on Saturday, back in the beach hut exactly a year on from last October’s foray into scotch egg-manufacturing and rolling out an efficient … Continue reading

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A delicious, seasonal and carb-free brunch

I used to think a boiled egg was worthless without toasted, buttered soldiers but, luckily, I was wrong. I tried this recipe from Jamie at Home at the weekend and it was incredible. Jamie uses pancetta but I went for … Continue reading

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Purple sprouting broccoli: from patch to plate

With permission from the neighbours, we’ve been helping ourselves to some beautiful purple sprouting broccoli from the allotment.  Its intense flavour is best accentuated with a light steaming. I served it as an accompaniment to pork chops but it also … Continue reading

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