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Under the Tuscan Sun

Buongiorno tutti! The title of this post seems to have sprung from the part of my brain designed for storing the names of bad 90s films, but we’ll go with it for now… We return from shooting our summer chapter … Continue reading

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2 courses for 3 loved ones

Feeding friends is one of the easiest things to do. On a school night, when the skies are dark and the tube is on strike, the fact that they’re willing to schlep their way south for a bowl of something … Continue reading

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Four figs, a hundred pence and one salad

I have to admit, I love a bundle deal. ‘Buy one get one free’? Yes please. ‘Three for two’? Go on then. Despite often falling for such base marketing tactics, I’m aware how bad a habit stockpiling food can be. … Continue reading

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Summer/Autumn Collection

Crikey O Riley, there’s a nip in the air! The sun, who every now and then peers round our corner of the globe, seems to have brought with him the dawn of a new season. It’s a little like he … Continue reading

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Spontaneous gazpacho for a summer’s weekend

Aha! There it was, that heat wave we were all looking for and which scorched so fiercely that I realised yesterday, much to my embarrassment, that I was the reddest person in Tesco. While I wait for my crisped-up, sorry … Continue reading

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A bit on the side

Sometimes, when people arrive for a secret supper and they’re first through the door, the best way to welcome them is to get something on the table pretty pronto. They should of course be thanked – celebrated, even – for … Continue reading

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The day has come

I’ve never allowed myself to eat anchovies until yesterday, when I thumbed a copy of River Café Cook Book Easy and dared myself to buy a jar of those hairy, slippery fillets.  It is to Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray … Continue reading

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Blooming Marvellous

The title. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. I’m just suddenly quite happy about having stolen some baby spiders from the sprouts my neighbours show off on the floor above me to find that they’re shooting white, beanstalky stalks from … Continue reading

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