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Birthday Cake

Despite gaining only a little pleasure from baking cakes, I do love the smell of a rich, buttery birthday present rising slowly and peacefully in the oven. Nothing follows a morning of meetings and emails better than tuning in to … Continue reading

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Brunch for two

My late Friday night plans to make a late Saturday morning brunch were rudely disrupted when upstairs’ builders started work at 8 this morning. I’d intended to go to bed late, wake late, lie in late and cook late. After … Continue reading

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Chestnut and Chocolate Torte

So the spate of sweet recipes continues here at Salad Club… I blame my pregnancy hormones and the increasingly uncontrollable afternoon urge to bake. Like Ellie, I usually always put savouries first—preferring to linger over stews, salads or soups while … Continue reading

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Mother’s bread and butter

Whenever I talk to my mum about Salad Club she does one of two things: the first is to arch her eyebrow, smirk a little and close the conversation fairly promptly. The second is similar, but verbal: when I flatter … Continue reading

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A bit scrambled

After a ‘sociable’ evening at the restaurant, the only thing fit to prepare Ellie and I for the big clean is a good egg (or two). Sometimes fried, occasionally boiled but most often scrambled until light and fluffy, with a … Continue reading

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A delicious, seasonal and carb-free brunch

I used to think a boiled egg was worthless without toasted, buttered soldiers but, luckily, I was wrong. I tried this recipe from Jamie at Home at the weekend and it was incredible. Jamie uses pancetta but I went for … Continue reading

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Tuna two ways

I adore and regularly crave raw fish but recently I’ve been getting a bit bored of sliced sashimi with wasabi, ginger and soy – I wanted something with even more oomph and last week Raph came to the rescue. He … Continue reading

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