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A warm potato salad for a sunny winter’s day

Before the deluge set in that evening, Saturday was one of those beautifully bright and crisp winter’s days – the type of day that always makes me feel dramatic and optimistic. I woke up stupidly early, threw open the curtains … Continue reading

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Ginger lemonade concentrate

We missed the elderflower season by just a hair’s breadth this year due to damp sprigs and rather tardy action on our part. Thrilled at the thought of brewing our own poky elderflower champagne, we had the recipe, the bottles, … Continue reading

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All the way from America…

Not that it’s far these days, what with the expedience of electronic-mail. This one’s courtesy of a dear friend in NYC who used to live on sliced bread and quartered apples and has since enlarged her culinary repertoire to include … Continue reading

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Purple sprouting broccoli: from patch to plate

With permission from the neighbours, we’ve been helping ourselves to some beautiful purple sprouting broccoli from the allotment.  Its intense flavour is best accentuated with a light steaming. I served it as an accompaniment to pork chops but it also … Continue reading

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A sharp grilled chicken and courgette salad

Grill your strips of chicken breast and finely sliced lengths of courgette at the same time, at separate ends of the rack, both with a little black pepper and lemon juice to stop them from sticking. Meanwhile, arrange some mixed … Continue reading

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Another chance for tuna

I realise Rosie’s delivered two tuna salads in the last week, but I’ve only recently got over my fear of stinking, school time, wet-with-mayonnaise-white-bread tuna sandwiches. This is as much of a meat salad as it is fish, more so … Continue reading

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Dandelion and walnut salad

Tear up some dandelion leaves, small white flowers included. Crush some walnuts and toss them amongst the leaves with a squeeze of lemon juice and olive oil and a few shavings of parmesan. May look best on a small plate … Continue reading

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