13 Responses to FRENCH & GRACE

  1. Ed Jones says:

    How did your first weekend go girls? Really looking forward to being fed by you. Big fan of the blog’s recipes – keep up the good work!

    • saladclub says:

      Thanks Ed – we’re actually opening this weekend now. Midday on Saturday 15th to be precise. Hope to see you soon! R & E x

    • Becki lee says:

      Just wanted to thank you for a really special evening – if anyone is looking for an intimate venue to hold dinner with friends this is the place! On fri/sat night there’s live music just outside so makes it such a lovely atmosphere to eat in. Really tasty. Becki

  2. Stuart Taylor says:

    So, your gonna be serving food in a covered market, in a shop unit. How on earth does this give you the right to call it ‘street food’?

    Several other food businesses in this part of Brixton market also claim to sell ‘street food’ and none of them give very good value for money, given that the food is meant for passing trade.
    How do you aim to ring true to your ‘street food’ claims and give hungry eaters value for money?

    • saladclub says:

      Hi Stuart,

      Sorry we’ve upset you. Our wraps are priced at £5 which we feel is very good value for money considering the cost of our ingredients. We are offering a filling, hand-held lunch to eat in or take away, cooked in a kitchen we built from scratch on a very tight budget. Aren’t we allowed to bring our street food stall inside for the winter?

  3. Melanie says:

    Personally I’m pretty excited that you’ve got a base for the winter because it means I finally get to eat the food I’ve been reading about and hearing about for months! Looking forward to popping by and good luck with it!

  4. Dan says:

    What are your opening times please thank you cheers?

  5. saladclub says:

    Thanks Melanie – hope to see you soon.
    Dan opening times are as follows:
    Wednesday 12-4pm
    Thursday-Saturday 12-4pm & 6-10pm
    Sunday 12-4pm
    Monday-Tuesday CLOSED

  6. guy Simonitsch says:

    Thanks for a great lunch today, the salad was fab combo of thyme and cream fraiche with the beans worked well, also loved the ribollita deep rich fresh and that hint of ham, just the right amount not to overwhelm the total flavour? “so many don’t manage to acheive this balance” well done, service was good too, wish you all the best see you soon…..Guy

  7. saladclub says:

    Thank you, Guy. Very pleased to hear you enjoyed your lunch and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
    R & E x

  8. Nikki Sloper says:

    Enjoyed a fantastic meal with friends at French & Grace on Saturday, a lovely, tasty and affordable meal full of fresh flavours, mezze style so perfect for a chilled evening, great friendly service and a gorgeous albarino to wash it all down, I took great pleasure in telling the chefs on the night that we were all enjoying it and if i lived in London would definately be coming to see you about a job I loved it that much!

    First time I have been and discovered that Brixton market is a truly unique venue that seems to be giving people a platform to showcase their food in a fantastic lively atmosphere, as an aspiring chef/caterer in Leeds, it was really inspiring for me to see these little restaurants and their set up and the different cuisines on offer was great, French & Grace stood out as it had interesting options on the menu, the hummara was to die for and the pickled turnip another fave! you didnt disappoint, will spread the word, buy your book and be back! keep up the good work! Nikki x

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