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Torn paper pasta with wild rabbit ragu

A month ago I was a twitter cynic, adamant that it was a pointless waste of time for pointless time wasters. However, I think my hat may need to be eaten because I am now, officially, a big fan. Last … Continue reading

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Ginger lemonade concentrate

We missed the elderflower season by just a hair’s breadth this year due to damp sprigs and rather tardy action on our part. Thrilled at the thought of brewing our own poky elderflower champagne, we had the recipe, the bottles, … Continue reading

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‘Dishy stuff’: our secret suppers make the top 10!

As seen in Wednesday’s London Paper…

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Two nights and two chefs at the Bonnington Café

My experience of the Bonnington Café is one of marvel and wonder; to me it feels a little like coming home, and last night most especially as I lay awake wondering how to go about opening my own branch. For … Continue reading

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Amazing teryaki ribeye & sunflower stir fry

Yet another killer supper from Raph last night after yet another long day. Some may call this a stir fry but there were no noodles nor rice so I think it passes as a man salad. A selection of crisp … Continue reading

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In the midst of a media circus

Another Guardian mention on Friday, a nice man from ITV came round for a beer on Tuesday, the London Paper want us on Wednesday… what is going on? Seems we are coming up from the underground for some fresh air.

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Raph’s chicken & chorizo kebab salad

I arrived home exhausted last night after a day of unusually intense exercise which saw me swimming lengths in Brockwell lido at 7.30am, then drying off and warming up on my bike ride to work.  After a standard desk-bound day … Continue reading

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Le Rosbif

I recently had a hunk of my mum’s cold, pink roast beef in the fridge and some rocket left over from our Salad Club supper. In less than 3 minutes, I sawed at the joint and piled the ingredients onto … Continue reading

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