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These little piggies went to market

Hello. Hello. And apologies for abandoning you and your rumbling bellies for quite this long. If it’s any consolation, we haven’t been sitting around watching Loose Women and twiddling our thumbs. Since last we wrote, Rosie got hitched, the next … Continue reading

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The great outdoors

What a beautiful Easter weekend we had here at Salad Club. From beach hut breakfasts in Calshot to picnics in Brockwell park, we managed to spend almost every mealtime outside, only venturing indoors for loo breaks and sleeps. There’s quite … Continue reading

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Cha cha changes

There’s no doubt about it, spring has finally arrived. The windows are open and the mood in our kitchens is more optimistic and light than just a few weeks ago when we found ourselves stranded on a culinary desert island … Continue reading

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Best beef stew

I wanted to draft this before going on holiday so that you’d have something ideal for these increasingly bitter nights while I’m away. It’s confusing to be packing summer clothes and sunscreen at the same time as writing up a … Continue reading

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Four figs, a hundred pence and one salad

I have to admit, I love a bundle deal. ‘Buy one get one free’? Yes please. ‘Three for two’? Go on then. Despite often falling for such base marketing tactics, I’m aware how bad a habit stockpiling food can be. … Continue reading

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Return of the scotch egg

It turns out scotch eggs are nothing at all to do with the Scots. There I was on Saturday, back in the beach hut exactly a year on from last October’s foray into scotch egg-manufacturing and rolling out an efficient … Continue reading

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The humble Umbelliferae

My Grandfather-in-law, a groundbreaking botanist in his day, taught me about the wonderful world of Umbelliferae over lunch in the summer. The Umbelliferae are a family of aromatic plants with umbels of flowers radiating from the stem resembling a green … Continue reading

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Out of apron, into corset

Bit of a hectic one, last week. Now that it’s out, we can start by saying how thrilled and energised we are by our win for Best Blog from Observer Food Monthly, and a huge thank you to you, our readers. … Continue reading

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Salad Club @ Cornercopia

Last Thursday, Rosie and I took on a day’s residency at Brixton Market’s Cornercopia. For those of you who haven’t been introduced, Cornercopia was set up by locals, Anne and Ian, to encourage the growth and eating of local and … Continue reading

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Summer/Autumn Collection

Crikey O Riley, there’s a nip in the air! The sun, who every now and then peers round our corner of the globe, seems to have brought with him the dawn of a new season. It’s a little like he … Continue reading

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