We know there are a few posts on our site that don’t include recipes. We’ve left them out here so you can use our index just the way you need to.

Breakfast & Brunch

Creamed corn

Dippy eggs with bacon-wrapped asparagus

Granary boule


Potato and cheese pancakes with sweet and spicy bacon and a poached egg

Sage and parmesan scrambled eggs

Scotch eggs, round 1

Scotch eggs, round 2

Soda bread

Tostadas con palta – chillied avocado on toast

Condiments & Drinks

Elderflower cordial

Fiery mango and ginger chutney

Ginger lemonade


Red onion marmalade

Spicy tomato and chilli jam

Fish & Seafood

Carb-free fishcakes

Cod, prawn and pumpkin laksa

Crispy crab leaves

Seared tuna salad with Japanese dressing

Smoked haddock and sweet potato fishcakes

Tuna tartar

Vietnamese prawn pho

Vietnamese summer rolls


Best beef stew

Chicken and chorizo kebab

Chicken, chorizo and white bean casserole

Chutney beef burgers

Christmas ham and three cheese macaroni

Crispy aromatic rabbit in pancakes

Fennel and ginger glazed ribs

Hummus with ground lamb and pomegranate

One pot chorizo and barley stew

Pig farmers’ pie

Sausage and chilli-tomato jam sandwich

Serrano ham, basil and fig bruschetta

Teryaki ribeye stir fry

Torn paper pasta with wild rabbit ragu

Vietnamese beef with shitake mushrooms

Woodcock on toast


5 ways with carrots

Beetroot salad with goats’ cheese and mint

Carrot, courgette and fennel slaw

Dandelion and walnut salad


Fig, prosciutto, mozzarella and basil salad

Giant cous cous salad with beetroot, carrot and fresh mint

Grilled chicken salad with courgettes and capers

Jerk salmon with goats’ cheese and rocket

New Yorker salad

Purple sprouting broccoli with pine nuts and bacon

Salad of green beans, basil, olives and anchovies

Salad of pink roast beef and Kent asparagus

Seared tuna salad with Japanese dressing

Sweet curried onion, chickpea and mackerel salad

Tuna niçoise

Vietnamese prawn pho

Warm Mediterranean salad with home made aioli

Warm potato and sugar snap salad



Spicy spinach and sweet potato soup

Wild garlic and watercress soup

Sweet things

Apple, blackberry and elderberry crumble

Bread and butter pudding

Chestnut and chocolate torte

Chocolate beetroot cake

Icelandic caramel and date cake

Flourless chocolate birthday cake

Guatemalan cacao cake

Muscovado tart

Oranges with olive oil and brown sugar

Plum, vanilla and almond crumble

Spiced pumpkin pie

Vanilla panna cotta with raspberry coulis

Pancakes with lemon and sugar, the good old way

Vegetarian & Vegetables

5 ways with carrots

A cold day’s curry

Aubergine, walnut and mint dip

Butter bean and rosemary hummus

Carrot and cumin hummus

Courgette and sweet potato fritters

Creamed corn


Fig, ricotta and basil bruschetta


Hedgehog potatoes

Home-grown shallot tart

Pasta with courgettes, sage and parmesan

Roasted aubergine and sesame dip

Roasted courgette flowers stuffed with feta and pine nuts

Simple, steamed broccoli with parmesan

Split yellow pea dhal

Tostadas con palta – chillied avocado on toast

Ultimate veggie chilli

7 Responses to RECIPE INDEX

  1. Allegra Amati says:

    Love the blog!!

  2. saladclub says:

    Thanks Allegra! Keep reading.

  3. Issydye says:

    I just stumbled onto your site after looking for low-carb fishcakes (whcih im going to make in a min. I was looking for some Broccoloi recipes as I was just given a CARTON (?). Do you have any salads or bakes??

    • saladclub says:

      Is that a carton of broccoli, you say? Crikey. Best place might just be the compost, but I hope you managed something good out of it. Blended into soup maybe? Although flash fried with prunes and bacon is delicious (tenderstem or purple sprouting broccoli is best for this) or steamed and topped with shaved parmesan and lemon juice. Ellie

  4. Issydye says:

    It seems I missed both your recipes on the list – sorry. Ill try the steamed recipe 🙂

  5. nicola says:

    Fab recipes. Want to try them all. You should definitely publish a book. I would buy a copy.

  6. saladclub says:

    Thanks Nicola and, come April, your wish for a book will be fulfilled!

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